Our Product

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The Bootflap Company supplies its patented Boot Lip Protector to many of the largest automobile companies in Australia and around the world. The protector is an approved genuine accessory with these companies carrying a genuine part number and full warranty support. Over 300,000 Boot Lip Protectors have now been supplied and sales continue to grow. Please navigate to our "Clients" page to see where to purchase the Boot Lip Protector.

Protect you car

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Don't let this happen! The Boot Lip Protector has been developed to prevent damage to a vehicles boot lip and painted rear bumper area. The product provides a practical and beautifully simple bumper protection solution that is not permanently fixed to the outside of a vehicle. These fixed products can seriously detract from a vehicles clean, as designed aesthetics and often do not properly protect the "leading edge" of your bumper paintwork.

Protect yourself

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The Boot Lip Protector has a reflective, luminous strip, subtly built into its bottom edge. This enhances safety during periods of poor visibility or darkness. It's like wearing some "Hi Viz" when loading your vehicle. The protector also helps to save your back by making the handling of heavy or awkward items much easier; you no longer need to lift items clear of your paintwork. The protector even helps you keep your clothes clean when loading a wet or dirty vehicle.